Adam Melton


Welcome to my personal project website. I named this website to appropriately represent my addiction to electronics. Beginning as a place to post pictures and build logs to share with friends, my website has grown both in project count and views from all over the world. Here are some recent highlights.

October, 2014 | Tor Dongle

TorNumerous recent events have put Tor in the spotlight. From leaking government information to allowing suppressed citizens to communicate injustices and request aid, Tor is a powerful tool that has tremendous potential to help those in need. I wrote a simple guide to creating your own Tor Dongle, allowing for an more secure connection to Tor.

November, 2012 | PISCES Conference

2012 NASA Lunabotics Alabama LunabotAfter winning the 2012 NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition, my team and I were sent to Hawai'i Island to attend the 2012 PISCES Conference with our lunabot. We were able to not only learn from all of the great speakers at the conference, but also participate ourselves. At the end of the week, we took our lunabot up the largest mountain in the world, Mauna Kea. We field-tested our lunabot in the most Mars-like surface of one of the valleys on the mountain. It was an excellent first-hand experience to see how our lunabot would perform in real world (even if not this world) conditions.

May, 2012 | Lunabotics

2012 Alabama NASA Lunabotics Joe Kosmo First PlaceThe 2012 NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition was exponentially bigger and better than the previous year. Walking home with an arm full of prizes, including the grand prize, was not an easy task -- especially considering we were up against 54 other teams from 8 countries.

May, 2011 | Lunabotics

2011 Alabama NASA LunaboticsAfter joining the Alabama Lunabotics team in January 2011, I was excited to travel to the Kennedy Space Center for our international competition. We had a great time with the other teams from all over the world. We were very happy to come in 4th place overall at the 2011 NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition.


April 27, 2011 | Tornado

Adam Melton April 27,2011 Tuscaloosa TornadoSome of you may know that I was affected by the April 27th tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama along with much of the South Eastern United States. I lost almost everything I owned, including many of the projects on this website. I have written a brief summary of the events of that day, including some pictures and videos. Thank you all for your help and support.