Website Update

I decided it was time to update this website to something more pleasant to look, easier to update, and something new to learn.

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Big Bend 2015

My wife and I had a great time visiting Big Bend National Park for Thanksgiving 2015. We especially enjoyed hiking out to the South Rim Overlook in the Chisos Mountains.
FJ Sunset

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Kayak Platform

I built a platform for my kayak that I can put things on like Jonas our dog.
Adam and Jonas on Kayak Platform

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Big Bend 2014

Our first camping trip to Big Bend National Park during Thanksgiving, 2014. There was so much to explore in this huge park.
FJ Sunset

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Tor Dongle

Or using a BeagleBone Black as a secure Tor gateway for your computer.

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DIY Bench Top Power Supply

As a hobbyist and tinkerer, I am constantly in need of low voltage DC. Primarily 5V and 12V. Instead of spending money for a variable power supply (which are nice and I would absolutely love to have one) I decided to make one myself. I chose to utilize a computer ...

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Bitmessage Daemon

I wrote a command line interface to assist with setting up and managing Bitmessage Daemons. Especially useful for headless servers.

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Introduction to Bitmessage, the P2P anonymous messenger service.

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PISCES Conference Hawai'i

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DIY Steadicam

How to make a ~$25.00 Steadicam for your hand held camera. Starting with a parts list of things I purchased from Lowes.

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