ESP8266 Geiger Counter

Using an ESP8266 and a simple circuit. I connected my Geiger counter kit to the internet where it serves a webpage and publishes to MQTT.


I built my own PiAware ADS-B receiver using a C.H.I.P computer.

Rockmite 20m Transceiver

Assembling the Rockmite ][ 20m ham radio CW (morse code) transceiver and receiving first transmissions. My first HF transceiver.


Weatherproof enclosure for rtl-sdr radio and RaspberryPi that is PoE (power over ethernet).

Kayak Lights

I made some programmable LED light strips for my kayak. We kayak to watch the 4th of July fireworks here in Austin and I wanted something festive to accent the celebrations.

Website Update

I decided it was time to update this website to something more pleasant to look, easier to update, and something new to learn.

Big Bend 2015

My wife and I had a great time visiting Big Bend National Park for Thanksgiving 2015. We especially enjoyed hiking out to the South Rim Overlook in the Chisos Mountains.

Kayak Platform

I built a platform for my kayak that I can put things on like Jonas our dog.

Big Bend 2014

Our first camping trip to Big Bend National Park during Thanksgiving, 2014. There was so much to explore in this huge park.

Tor Dongle

Or using a BeagleBone Black as a secure Tor gateway for your computer.