The drive from Austin to Big Bend NP was our first experience venturing into western Texas. The trees slowly faded into scrubby flatlands, plateaus, and massive wind turbine farms.

We made it to the park just in time to reserve our campsites for the next two nights. It was another couple of hours of driving before we made it to our campsite in the dark and enjoyed a quick dinner. The tiredness from driving was amplified by the soothing sound of the Rio Grande flowing a short distance away. We quickly found comfort in our sleeping bags and slept very well.

Tent at Night

The next morning was our first real glimpse at the area. Despite being able to see clearly from horizon to horizon, I have never felt so secluded.

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FJ, Jessica, and Tent

I took some video which allowed me to utilize the small amount of time we spent in the park. You could easily spend an entire week there and barely make a dent in the over 800,000 acres that it has to offer. Most of our time was spent driving from one location to another which was expected for this scouting trip. We really want to go back!

Before heading home we decided to make the short trip to Marfa, TX. It is a really neat town and we look forward to going back to visit. One the way out we stopped by the iconic Prada Marfa.

Marfa Prada

Overall it really was a great trip and we haven't stopped talking about it since. We are really looking forward to going back sometime in the future.