Instead of a final exam in my AP Computer Science Class we had the entire last quarter to write our own computer games from scratch in Java. We could not use applets and we could not import anything such as sound, video, or images.

Instead of copying an existing game I decided to create one from scratch. In my game you play a single character and your goal is to make it to the door to go to the next level. Difficulty increases with each level but you also find new weapons to help defend yourself from the enemies.

This is the initial splash screen. It shows all of the characters as well as some information about them.

Splash Screen

This screen is shown between every level. It shows your current level number, health, and score. If you press "I" it will bring up the information screen.

Level Screen

This is the information screen. It shows all of the controls for the game. Press either "I" or Enter to continue onto the game.

Information Screen

Once the game has beaten you (and it will) the death screen is shown with your score and level plastered across it. There is no final level and the game gets infinitely harder.

Death Screen

Seeing how this was my first major project in Java I am happy with the results.