Old Website

The previous iteration of this website was PHP based with the only real php uses being includes so that I only had to update the navigation menu in one location. At the beginning I was using dreamweaver to layout the site, work on css, and add or update pages. Once I was only having to add pages I stopped using Dreamweaver and used the text editor flavor that I felt like that day.

You can see a webarchive of the old website here.

New Website

I learned about static website generators a couple of years ago and I recently spent some time searching around different forums and subreddits to find which ones are popular, well written, well supported, and fit what I need. I settled on Pelican which is a static website generator written in Python that supports Jinja templates. Over the past few years I have really jumped into Python programming and wanted another excuse to use it here which is one of the reasons I chose Pelican.

Simply put, With pelican you write your posts in markdown, then pelican converts those markdown posts into static html webpages that can be easily served by any http server. In my case I use NGINX a high performance webserver and reverse proxy. I have a sandbox development environment at home that I test can test modifications to the website on and I also use it to view new posts before publishing them on the web.